Preparing for a Sound Technology Career Online

The ability to take sound waves and manipulate them is a skill that is best learned inside an educational program. Students have several opportunities when preparing for a sound technology career online. Online education centers on giving students the preparation they need to be successful inside the field.

The methods to work with analog and digital recordings are gained inside specific training. Education in sound technology focuses on preparing students for a variety of careers that may include:

  • Sound Engineer
  • Audio Recording Specialist
  • Live Sound Technician
  • Record Producer

The higher level of education completed provides students with advanced skills that can be adapted and applied to numerous careers. The shortest available program traditionally offered by online schools is an associate’s degree. This level of career preparation requires approximately 72 credit hours of education and can take one to two years depending on the online school offering the program. A complete foundation is gained as students study the devices used to work with live and recorded sound. Studio equipment, analog tape recording, audio mastering, and mixing are some subject’s students can expect to take inside an associate’s degree program. With an understanding of soundboard operation and production students are able to step into a career as an engineer or continue education if desired.

Further education at the bachelor’s degree level is the most common completed program by working professionals. This undergraduate training option gives students all the required knowledge to mix audio and understand how to manipulate the spoken word and music into sound effects. Most online sound technology schools and colleges award a bachelor’s degree after students successfully complete 120 credit hours. Some training programs may last a little longer depending on if extra courses are required. Online training teaches students the recording practices to help them master the recording software that is used in the industry. Amplification, audio production, digital audio workstation, and more develop the skills necessary to enter a career. Continuing education at the master’s degree level allows students to choose a concentration.

A master’s degree is the highest level of education that can be gained online. Students are required to complete 60 credit hours that culminate in a two-year degree program. Online education allows students to study a particular area of the field, which can include psychoacoustics and sound strategies. Advanced techniques are studied and may include digital technology, multi-track recording, and sound synthesis. Executive level careers are obtainable upon graduation. Other degree possibilities at this level include programs in broadcasting, sound engineering or audio sciences. Students explore how to use technical procedures with computer technology to record and create sound.

Completing an accredited online degree program prepares students thoroughly for the industry. Full accreditation is awarded by agencies such as the Distance Education and Training Council ( ) to schools and colleges that offer the best possible educational training. Students can begin preparing for schooling and a career by deciding which area of the industry they would like to work in. This decision helps students determine what educational level needs to be pursued. Online sound technology training is available in numerous areas and students can start by enrolling in a school today.

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