Bluetooth – An Updated Wireless Technology

Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology that is used to create personal networks and operates in 2.4 GHz unlicensed band within a distance of 10meters. Bluetooth offers higher level service outlines like as the FTP servers, voice transport, file pushing, serial line emulation and many more. Nowadays, Bluetooth technology is widely used around the world and changes the way to use machines.

Bluetooth works through a radio technology termed as frequency-hopping spread spectrum that split the data for being sent and transmit. It is a kind of packet based protocol with the master-slave structure. One master may communicate up to seven slaves at a time within a piconet and all devices will share the master’s clock as well. The exchange of packet is centered on the basic clock that is defined by the master. Whatever the packet size is the master transmits will initiate in the even slots, and the slave transmits in the odd slots as well.

Bluetooth offers a secure way to exchange information and connect devices like as mobile phones, printers, telephones, faxes, laptops, GPS receivers, the video game consoles, digital cameras and personal computers as well.

Bluetooth specifications are licensed and developed by the SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group). There are more than 13,000 companies from the areas of networking, computing, telecommunication, and consumer electronics under the Bluetooth SIG. If a device is considered to be marketed as the Bluetooth device, it must have to meet the standards defined by the SIG.

To adapt with the Bluetooth technology, the device has to be capable of interpreting specific Bluetooth profiles that are defined by the possible applications and indicate the behaviors that a Bluetooth enabled device use to communicate with another Bluetooth device. There is a wide range of applications of Bluetooth technology. Followings are some applications of Bluetooth technology:

· Communication and the wireless control between a hands-free headset and a mobile phone was the first application of Bluetooth technology that got huge popularity around the world.

· Wireless networking among the PCs within a narrow space, where little bandwidth is needed.

· Wireless communication with the input and output devices of the computers like as the keyboard, mouse and printer as well.

· Substitution of the conventional wired serial communications in GPS receivers, test equipments, medical equipments, traffic control devices and bar code scanners as well.

· In the low bandwidth applications where a higher USB bandwidth is not necessary as well as a cable free connection is required.

· For the establishment of wireless channel between two industrial Ethernet networks.

· A good number of play stations uses Bluetooth technology for their wireless controllers.

· Dial up Internet connection on the personal computers.

Besides these, there are still lots of applications that use Bluetooth technology for respective purposes. Now, People are using this technology very frequently by knowing about this or not. It will not be excess if I say it as a gift of modern technology, I think I am not.

Tips For Choosing Online Masters Degree Courses or Programs

Masters degree is pursued in order to attain a higher qualification in any specific field of study. As a matter of fact, it has become extremely essential in today’s era. It acts as a catalyst in one’s career. However, it may be possible that due to professional or personal reasons students might not be in a position to take up the traditional mode of education. It is here when the online masters degree programs come in as a savior.

It helps a great deal in reaching the higher aims which you have set for yourself. There are several online universities which offer Masters degree programs for the adult learners. Herein is a list of some popular universities which offer this course.

  • Capella University- Minnesota, US
  • Kaplan University- Iowa, US
  • DeVry University-United States
  • Boston University-Massachusetts, US
  • American InterContinental University Online- Illinois, US
  • A.T. Still University of Health Sciences- Missouri, US
  • University of Phoenix- Arizona, US
  • ITT Technical Institute Online-
  • Walden University – Online- Maryland, US
  • Strayer University-Virginia, US
  • Baker College Online- Michigan, US

These universities proffer several Online Masters Degrees Courses. Now all those who only wished to pursue their higher education but of far could not, here’s your opportunity. Herein are the most popular areas of study which are offered by the above mentioned universities. Depending on what suits your stream select the appropriate online degree programs. Herein is an exhaustive list of that are available online.


MSc. in Clinical Research Administration
Master of Public Health
Master of Public Health (Epidemiology)
Master of Public Health (Management of Health Systems)
Master of Public Health (International Public Health)

Information Technology

MSc in Computer Security
MSc in Information Systems Management
MSc in Information Technology
MSc in Internet Systems
MSc in Software Engineering


LLM in International Business Law
LLM in International Finance and Banking Law
LLM in Technology and Intellectual Property Law


MBA (Business in Emerging Markets)
MBA (Entrepreneurship)
MBA (Finance and Accounting)
MBA (International Business)
MBA (Leadership)
MBA (Marketing)
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MSc in Global Marketing
MSc in Global Human Resource Mgmt
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MSc in International Management (Oil and Gas)
MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management
MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Oil and Gas)
MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management (Procurement and Sourcing)
MSc in Project Management
MSc in Project Management (Construction and Infrastructure)
MSc in Project Management (Oil and Gas)


MSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation


Master’s Degrees in Nutrition


Masters of Science in Nursing

Criminal Justice

Masters of Justice Administration
Masters of Legal Study

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Getting an Information Technology Degree Online Can Lead to a Great Career in Business

An online information technology degree can be your edge to a great business career. The US Department of Labor that that this occupation is growing faster than the average at least until 2016. With salaries averaging between $79,000 and $109,000, earning a degree and getting a job makes good business sense. Most entry-level positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, and the highest paying jobs require a master’s degree.

A degree in information technology allows you to work with computer and information systems, direct network security, direct Internet operations, and construct business plans. With an advanced masters degree in information technology you may be qualified as a Chief Technology Office (CTO) or Chief Information’s Officer (CIO). Persons in this position oversee the management information director, the information technology director and project managers. A master’s degree in information management will put you into the top tier of business operations.

Online colleges and universities that offer associates, bachelors, masters and even PHD degree programs in information technology include University of Phoenix, Western Governors University, Westwood College, Capella University, Florida Tech University, National American University, Franklin Pierce University, Southern University, Colorado Tech University Online, and Kaplan University.

I f you enjoy working in installation of systems, programming of systems, upkeep and security of information systems, then a degree in information technology may be for you. You can obtain your degree and join the more than 260,000 information technology professionals in the US.

An online technology degree education program is flexible and affordable. You will be able to complete your course work on you own time, at your own schedule using the Internet and computer support systems. Without the cost of room and board and travel, you will be able to save money. Your instructors will be available online, along with technical support, financial aid advisors, and even recourse materials. Take time to learn about this career and online college degree programs that are available, today!